Rufus T.’s Journey in 2018

In just one short year, Rufus T. Rouse storybooks and boxed sets have already traveled around and about America to such states as Arizona, Louisiana, Nebraska, California, Virginia, South Carolina, and throughout North Carolina. We get so very excited to box up the wee fellow along with his book in a lovely package to send through the post… just knowing he will put a smile on each child’s face and bring them the Good News of Jesus.

Our jolly, wee mouse has also become an international traveler as his boxed sets have made their way on several mission trips to Africa (Kenya and Nairobi), Haiti, and Cambodia. And presently he is making his way to Italy. Ciao, Rufus T!

We have been privileged to bring Rufus T Rouse’s story to several churches across our state (NC), daycares, and public libraries, even at book signings in various shops in our area. It is always such fun to share his Good News journey everywhere we go.

Where you lead, Lord, we will follow…and send Rufus T Rouse!



From the title page

“Rufus T. Rouse, Mystery at the Manger”


A very Happy Christmas from Rufus T,

With another fine tale for you and me.

The jolly wee mouse and his very Best Friend

Are on a grand journey that will never end.

So come read along, be on your way

To hear of the Babe born Christmas Day.



“Lord, you’ve taken the foolishness of a little mouse, which has the audacity to follow Jesus, to influence the lives of children everywhere.”   Pastor David Metz, For This Cause


So God chose to use the message that sounds foolish to save those who believe it…  Even the foolishness of God is wiser than men.

I Corinthians 1:21 and 25    (International Children’s Bible)

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